Laurie Israel

Laurie Israel wins great debate against Raoul Felder, Celebrity Divorce Attorney

Laurie Israel went up against celebrity divorce attorney, Raoul Felder, on September... 

The Secret Language Lawyers Speak

“Your Divorce, Idiomatically Speaking”, published on March 15, 2012,... 

Meet Karen Van Kooy

Karen Van Kooy is a member/partner of Israel, Van Kooy & Days, LLC having joined... 

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Town’s Policy for Student Residency Put to the Test

By Matthew Solomon, Esq. According to a Massachusetts Superior Court judge, a town... 

Eliminating “Hot Speech” in Marriage

As published in The Huffington Post, 9/10/13. by Laurie Israel We live in a very... 

What is a “Surgical” Divorce, and How to Get One

Maybe you and your spouse want to get a divorce and want to do it in the simplest... 

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New Cases

Smith v. McDonald — New SJC case about moving out-of-state with child

The Massachusetts SJC again weighed in on the removal issue  in Smith v. McDonald, SJC -10670, December 14, 2010.  In this case, a unmarried mother moved to Batavia, New York, 400 miles away from the father, with their 6 month old child.  Since the child’s birth, the father had pursued a relationship with the child.  He visited him, and... [Read more of this review]

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